Heat Tech Pellet Stoves

In recent years, a revolutionary new form of home heating has emerged. Since its beginning in 1984, more than 800,000 pellet stoves have proven this technology. Convenient, economical and gentle on the environment, wood pellets are a wonderful option.

Wood pellets are made from sawdust and other by-products of the timber industry. Instead of putting pressure on already crowded landfills, this waste material is formed into small pellets, about the size of a pencil eraser. Pellets have the benefits of other processed fuels and are made to the rigorous standards of the Pellet Fuel Institute.



Heat Tech stoves are made with safety, efficiency and quality workmanship in mind. Because safety in your home is of utmost importance, we have designed our pellet stoves with several heat sensor strategically located throughout our stoves. In the event your stove produces excessive heat, the flow of pellets would be stopped, and the airflow would be maintained until the stove is cooled. All our pellet stoves contain a dual fan feature operating on solid state electronics. One fan provides fresh combustion air to the firebox, while another fan circulates the heat of the fire to give optimum output.



As with all heat stoves, we offer a color matching system to accommodate nearly any color scheme you desire. Our beautiful solid brass door, artfully etched glass, and choices of pedestal or insert with brass trim on surrounding flashing are all options to bring versatility to accenting your decor.


Convenient, Clean, Efficient

Enjoy the best of all worlds. Relax and contemplate life in front of a soothing wood fire, without the associated work and mess. Heat Tech pellet stoves are designed with you in mind. Full 40 pound bags of pellets can be easily loaded into the large hopper without fear of over filling or spilling. The controls are located right where you want them: no torturous crawling around on your knees. Starting is a breeze with our "Hot Rod" automatic fire starter. The heat exchanger tubes are easily cleaned.



The Heat Tech pellet burning stoves are also designed with today's home in mind. These stoves can be easily installed with only 3" clearance, even when the rear vent exhausts out the wall. Our Pellet insert has been approved for masonry and "zero clearance" factory built fireplaces. The freestanding stove is also approved for mobile home installations as well as alcove areas.


High Standards
Tested to:


UL 1482, 907

EEMC Energy and Environmental Measurement Corp., Kent, Washington

• 5-year lifetime limited warranty

• Mobile Home approved

• Alcove approved

• Oregon DEQ


Construction Features

• One touch digital control

• Solid state circuitry

• Continuous weld firebox

• Angle corner design allows for closer placement to walls

• 3" clearance to combustibles

• Simple inexpensive installation

• Multiple size shrouds allows for any size fireplace



• Scientifically designed air flow system

• Automatic air-to-fuel adjustment for maximum efficiency

• Heat transfer chamber for optimum heat

• Consistent pellet feeding system